Save money and get your iPhone repaired.

Used to people didn’t just throw something away whenever it became damaged. Have you ever heard of the term “mending?” There are certainly people who still mend things they purchased so they can keep using them over and over but most people out there get something that is broken or damaged in some way and instead of fixing or repairing it, they just throw it away. And this isn’t necessarily a conversation about people who have money and people who don’t. This is a conversation about culture and we now live in a culture of tossing rather than mending. Do me a favor and ask your grandmother about how she would handle getting a hole in one of her shirts. More often than not, your Grammie is going to tell you that she would get our a needle and thread and make it work for her so she can keep wearing it. The concept of putting patches in a pair of jeans is probably foreign to a lot of folks in the younger generations. The technological generations if you will. What’s interesting is now we are owning things that cost significantly more money than a lot of the things that our grandparents had. This is certainly a broad generalization in that there were some folks who probably had pretty expensive things but I doubt they were things that you could compare to something like, let’s say, a cell phone or tablet.

Now in the technological generation we have $700 to $1,000 gadgets that we are made purely out of glass that we don’t consider getting mended. Isn’t that ironic? Why have more of us not considered taking our cracked tablets to a tablet screen repair shop? Why don’t we consider taking the iPhone that we dropped on the concrete to a place that can “mend” it so that we can get our phone back to us. A pair of torn jeans is one thing, you can just pick up another $20 pair of jeans, but with a $700 phone that is a totally different story.

ZAGG Phone Repair is a company that provides iPhone repair among other brands of cell phones and also offers iPad repair. They want people to know that they can go ahead and get what their valuables repaired with just a little bit of your money and your time. And compared to $1,000 almost any cost for a little fix will be worth it. These devices that people buy are meant to last us. We have this idea things should only last us for a little while. Ask your grandmother about how she would buy things. She would probably buy things for life, not just for a year or so. There are companies like ZAGG out there that want to help you save money by repairing, fixing or mending your expensive gadgets instead of forcing you to go out and by something new when you accidently drop something on the concrete. So consider the mend before the toss and save yourself some of your cash.


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Car insurance can make you break you.

I recently had the opportunity to go out and buy my first car.  It was an interesting experience in which I learned quite a bit about the business and also about all of the steps that are taken through the negotiation process.  I learned that in doing so, I, as a potential customer, actually have quite a bit of leverage, if the dealer is looking to move even more cars off of the lot.  As a result, I felt that the best thing that I could do was to lowball the offer.  It ended up working out okay and I feel like I ended up getting a great deal on the trade in and the car that I was going to buy.  Nevertheless, it started to hurt a little bit when I was paying all of the taxes and all of the throw ins that are included with the purchase of a new car.  As a result, I had to start looking for an insurance solution that was affordable to me.  Fortunately, I was able to develop a strategy in this method.

car insuranceI wanted to make sure that my car was fully covered when I first got it off of the lot.  If I didn’t, there would have been the chance that it could have gotten totaled and that would have taken all of the loan and I would be out of luck.  To fully insure the car, it was a lot of money.  There were several mechanisms in place though.  I was able to bundle my car and my home insurances.  It was not a huge game changer, but it allowed for me to make myself much more comfortable.  I did not have to do a lot of shopping around because I was able to go with the insurance company that I already utilized. It was also helpful because I was able to figure out a way that allowed for me to overlap my coverage to make sure that if I was in an accident, it would not allow for someone to take my home from me.  That is a very important thing that I think that few people know.

I was also able to figure out a way in which I could put a mechanism in my car that tracked my driving and I was able to save a few dollars a month that way.  I do not think that it does save me that much money, but hopefully I am getting some benefit out of it. Otherwise, I think that I would be struggling to figure out why I have it.  The biggest thing for me is that I have a high quality car insurance that will protect me when I need it the most. Outside of that, little matters in my opinion.  I hope that this is the case for everyone because in my opinion, no one should be forced out of their home because of a car accident that was not their fault or was just an accident.


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Call an accounting firm to help prepare you for tax season.

Your business is your livelihood and when it comes to your business you want to make sure you are getting the best services available to you. When it comes to taxes all of the accounting firmcomplexities of the law can be quite overwhelming and disorienting even. That is why it is important to identify a company with excellent tax audit professionals and large business certified public accountants available to you so you are able to receive all of the great information out there for you to stream line your process. Don’t let tax season sneak up on you, be prepared with the help of GHP Howarth, P.C. They are a locally owned company in Colorado that is connected to the larger international account firm of Crowe Horwath.

GHP Horwath prides themselves on being a first rate tax department. They have been doing this work for years and are a team of incredibly intelligent and highly experienced individuals. With all of their resources combined, they are able to offer unique tax services in a way that will make your business flourish and eradicate any fear that you might have around tax season. They help individuals and business with their finances through encouraging planning ahead, doing their research on taxes with the help of Crowe Horwath, helping you manage your income, and as well provide IRS audit support. These are all things that without the help of a business it might seem very overwhelming. The individuals at Crowe Horwath are here to help you make sense of you finances. They help not only just with local business but can help nationally and internationally as well. This includes individuals as well as businesses.

One of the most important things that Crowe Horwath offers to their customers is knowledge and information. They want to help you make sense of these complex tax laws by letting you know how they are set up so you can navigate them on your own. They are happy to help set people up with tools so you feel equipped to handle your own business. Their business CPA’s will help you stay on top of all of the changing tax laws and regulations. They will highlight which of these laws and regulations directly affect your finances and will help you make sense of the ways you can make a move to impact your business in a positive way.

Some of the ways that Crowe Horwath’s employees help you out are by connecting you with their highly experienced tax specialists who are skilled in many ways at helping individuals and businesses with their taxes. They help you to make sure you are in line will all the complex tax laws and regulations by giving you all the information necessary and then of course helping you to prepare for them. There are various ways to do accounting for a business and they will help you find one that works for you and your business. They help with creating corporate benefits, retirement plans and compensation plans so everyone in your company is taken care of. They offer estate and trust services as well as help you to meet the requirements of foreign jurisdictions. There are many ways that Crowe Horwath can help you and your business so give them a call today and see what they can do for you.


Knowing how to properly take care of your teeth begins at the dental office

Knowing how to properly take care of your teeth begins at the dental office. By being able to take care of your teeth on a regular basis and have visits and regular checkups including x-rays done will help you stay on top of your teeth. Growing up I always remember going to the dentist to on a regular basis to make sure that my teeth were always taking care of.

As I grew into an adult I felt less and less need to go to the dental office is always thought my teeth were fine. I had gone nearly a seven your stretch without having gone to the dentist in my 20s. I was had a kids dentist available growing up as a kid and for some reason when it came to me going I always put it off. InvisalignSuddenly after seven years of never going to see the dentist I had a sharp pain come in one of the back teeth in my mouth. When I went to the dentist I found out that it had reached into the rink now and I was most likely going to lose my tooth. They gave me an option to get a root canal but said that there’s still a good possibility that I might lose it. Because of not seeing the dentist for so long and not realizing that I had a cavity there for many years I had waited too long in the tooth had to be pulled. I did not enjoy the process of the thought of missing a tooth out of my mouth but I knew it had to be done. Regrettably I went to long without seeing the dentist. After that point I decided that I would always make my appointments every year with the dentist ensure that I always got any cavities fix right away before the causing major problem.

Being able to get a family dentistry that works for all your families very important but don’t forget to go yourself. We often times take care of our kids first but being able to go to the dentist yourselves is also very important. Knowing how to properly take care of her teeth does begin at a dental office and you must be able to get the checkups when you need them to be a will to ensure that no cavities have developed within your teeth. Whenever you have sensation in the teeth you should always get a check right away. And even if you don’t have any sensations are sure to go in every year to get a next Ray Matisse to make sure you have no developing cavities. He taken them right away will save you lots of time and money in the end. Going to long and too many years without taking a visit to the dental office will leave you wishing you had. With losing your teeth is a great possibility there’s no reason why anybody would want to stay away from the dental office. Get your kids dentist involved with them and don’t forget about yourself to ensure that you keep the dental health why you teach them to do the same. Taking care of your teeth should be an important part of anybody’s daily lives.

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Stop by your orthodontist to see how they can fix your teeth today

Being able to go to an orthodontist to somebody who can specialize in making sure your teeth are aligned properly and get you what you need for your dental needs. Being able to have orthodontic options available to you, you should also know that you have choices in the types of ways that you can align your teeth today. This means that you don’t always have to go with traditional braces are there other options out there that you can use to align your teeth. Sometimes there are possibilities of using a retainer and even special product like Invisalign.  The way this works is a series of trays that fit to your teeth and allow you to get what you need to align them properly.

You will be able to have them aligned to fit your needs and be able to use it to use them interchangeably until you to have you teach shift overtime. orthodonticsThis gives you the options for you to be able to have them fit and use them when you need rather than braces which are permanent. You have the option to eat foods you need you and want to without having to worry about the stickiness of the food getting stuck in your teeth. My being able to choose options allows you to do what fits best for your needs. This is often very helpful for adults who decide to have braces put on later on in life. They don’t have to go through having the braces being seeing you can have the option to have them put on without people knowing that they’re even there. They are nearly invisible for many people even recognize that you’re wearing it. This is what makes it such a great product and a great option for many people today. You’ll be able to wear braces without everybody having to know that you’re doing it you also build eat like you want to without having to worry about avoiding all the sticky foods that we naturally our lives. Being able to have this makes a difference to how you are able to eat and enjoy life altogether.

Being able to have options for your teeth is what an orthodontist can show to you. Not all orthodontics are the same like Smile specialist/ Dr. Mscurdy and you are able to use different types of billing to benefit your needs. Enable to know that there options out there gives you the possibility to have them fit for you the work in your life. Being able to make your options more open allows you to have more possibilities and gives you something that works for you and your life and your career. When you want to see the options out there talk to your orthodontist they can show you the difference between traditional braces retainers and what and invisalign product can do for you. You will see that you can truly get the smile you been looking for when you have all the options available to you in what you need for your teeth. There are many options available that many people do not know exist today by speaking with the orthodontist will be a will to choose what it’s you and what will work for you.

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Baker’s Chem Dry Saved the Day With Their Water Damage Service!

carpet cleaning

We all know that it is a possibility, but we never think that it is going to happen in our home. There are plenty of moments where we think that our pipes could never burst, or that we never left our sink or faucet running while we were out of the house. Sometimes we never expect there to be a major leak in our roof, and we notice significant water damage well before it was early enough to properly respond to it! This was very much the case in my household, as one of our water pipes decided it had enough, and it gave out and started to flood our basement! Thankfully, I was able to contact the good folks at Baker’s Chem Dry as soon as the emergency happened, and they were able to save me nearly thousands of dollars in restorations and repairs for my treasured furniture and other items in my household. If it wasn’t for their prompt and detailed service, I would have both totally ruined furniture, and I would be out of a significant amount of money to take care of additional problems. While they’re also known for their extensive and powerful carpet cleaning, Baker’s Chem Dry was able to pull through and help me with my unexpected water damage problem, and for that I am very thankful.

You see, whenever you have a large amount of unexpected water come into your home, there are many threats it can pose. First, there is the threat that large amounts of water pose to wooden materials throughout the house. This can range to prized furniture and cabinets, to the more structural components of your home, such as the flooring in the affected room and other components in the walls. Not only will Baker’s Chem Dry use highly advanced drying techniques on your furniture, but they will also properly evaluate the best method of approach when cleaning and treating the affected wood flooring and structural elements of your home. Since they are so fast when it comes to responding to any water damage emergency, the good people at Baker’s will end up saving you quite a bit of money, and it will not only save your home, but it will end up saving you a significant amount of money as well!

While it might not be the most pleasant experience, you have to understand that flooding and water damage is going to be one of the most trying emergencies that any homeowner can go through. Basement flooding is never going to be a good thing, but thankfully there are proven methods that will greatly minimize the damage that occurs to any building, and that there is going to be a method that keeps the safety and integrity of your home in check. If you ever find yourself in a home emergency such as this one, make it a point to call your nearest water damage responder, as they make it their job to give you the fastest and most effective service whenever you are in need of it most!

Call a professional business accountant for forensic litigation consulting.

Forensic litigation consulting is a very big word. What does that even mean? In knowing that running a business might require such a service it encourages us to understand that having a professional business CPA on our side is really a great thing. Professional business cpasbusiness CPAs are educated thoroughly so they can offer us excellence when it comes to our business transactions or just the general health of our business. It is important for us to find a business that offers excellent CPAs so we know we are getting the best advice there is to have. One of those businesses is GHP Horwath based in Denver, Colorado. They are a company that provides excellence in services because they choose only the best business CPAs to work with them and they also are connected to Crowe Horwath which is a larger international accounting firm.

So let’s break it down and talk about that large phrase forensic litigation consulting and what it means for you and your business. Essentially forensic litigation consulting is an umbrella term for many different services that will help your business like helping you develop litigation strategies. Litigation is the process of being a party to a lawsuit for those of you who don’t know. The service that GHP Horwath provides is to help secure the financial integrity of your business. They have experienced professional business CPAs who know how to help you through theses processes if ever you need. They will also help you with assessment and damages and as well as help you break down the strength and weaknesses of any litigation position you are currently in. They have gone through many trials and tests to make sure their services are excellent and will keep your company safe.

Some of the more specific sectors of their work for you in this field include economic damages, fraud and forensics, intellectual property, bankruptcy and restructuring, and marital dissolution. Though all of these things might be not very fun to talk about, it is very important to find an accounting firm who can help you through these processes for yours and your businesses safety.

Economic damages mean anything from personal or professional disputes to fraud. They can help you all through a sticky process with their in depth and extensive experience in dealing with matters like shareholder disputes, partnership disputes, business interruption, wrongful termination, wrongful death, personal injury, accountant’s malpractice, medical malpractice, legal malpractice, intellectual property, patent and copyright infringement, product liability, insurance claims, breach of fiduciary duty, business dissolutions and fraud.

As you can see economic damage includes many of the other areas of forensic litigation consulting. Any of these issues can cause quite a bit of distress and overwhelm. Don’t let these things take you down. There are options for you and one of the best ones is seeking the services of the business CPAs at GHP Horwath. With their extensive experience, intelligence and resources you will be taken care of no matter what the situation is so you and your business can keep on functioning at its best.




Home theater systems are growing in popularity.

There was a movement recently that led to people choosing to stay home and watch a football game and not go out to the stadium.  It makes a lot of sense to me, but it is a huge issue for the league. They have to try and compete with people that are wanting to stay in the comfort of their own home instead of going out and spending $8 on a beer and sit in a cold stadium for three hours.  Many people will probably have a tough time imagining why this is the case, but it makes a ton of sense to me.  With the increase in popularity of home theaters, the league is going to have to find out some way to compete with home televisions for people’s money.

home theater systemsTo my knowledge, there are a couple of ways that the league is looking to accomplish this.  One way is through the development of greater WiFi capabilities in the stadium.  They reason that people would be more willing to go to the games if they could check in on their fantasy players and all of the news going on in the world.  There is a lot of downtime in football, so that makes a lot of sense to me.  The other thing to keep in mind is that a number of the leagues stadiums do not have great concession contracts.  That is another thing the league is choosing to focus on.  This is all well and good, but one has to imagine that if the league has not figured it out by this point, many people will still choose to watch the games on their big screen HDTV.

One only has to look at the home theater options that are currently available.  Many of these systems incorporate a home audio set up that would rival any major concert venue. As a result, the rate at which people are purchasing these systems has skyrocketed.  One could only imagine this being the case years ago, but with the development of technology and the fact that as time continues the price for technology becomes more accessible is leading to this trend.  The home theaters no longer need to have the large projector screens.  They are now able to incorporate the television that is already in the home.  This is probably due to the fact that many of these televisions are already the high quality HDTVs that many of the home theaters would choose to incorporate anyway.  It would be amazing to see how these home systems develop over the coming years. They are going to continue to increase in size and affordability and will absolutely continue to pressure sports leagues and movie theaters to match the experience that a family can have in their own home for a fraction of the cost.  They may be doing it with 3D technology now, but how long can that last into the future.  That will be a very interesting question for much of the industry today.


Myths and misconceptions about the drug marijuana have gone a long way to harming the reputation of this plant. Marijuana has been used by humans for thousands of years and has had both spiritual and physical importance in many cultures. In the United States, there was little known about this drug and so it was given a bad name as a dangerous detriment to society. People once believed that smoking marijuana could make you crazy or that it had serious health risks, largely thanks to the ignorance that society’s false perception of the drug had created. Today the world is looking at cannabis with new eyes and there is a lot of enthusiasm about the drug and how it can help people both economically and physically.

One of the principal reasons that cannabis is starting to become more accepted by the public in general is the need to stop illegal drug trafficking into the country. It is estimated that almost 70 percent of the drug cartels yearly profits have been generated by the production and distribution of illegal marijuana over the last decade. This huge sum of money has given dangerous criminal organizations a quantity of power that is freighting. The myths that cannabis causes people to act crazy or demonstrate unusual behavior has long since been dismissed by those who work in the field of cannabis testing and the government has been slow to legalize the use of marijuana. Fortunately, it seems that the legalization of marijuana is just over the horizon and soon the drugs production, distribution and consumption can all be monitored by the government. What this means is less money in the pockets of criminal organizations and more tax money for the cities and states. Making the country a safer place and opening up the possibility of tens of thousands of new jobs in marijuana testing and sales, is an exciting prospect and worth the public’s reconsideration about cannabis.

The bottom line is the bottom dollar. There are now huge agricultural companies that give considerable time and money to lobby congress to loosen the chains that the states have wrapped around marijuana. The potential for making money in the world of legal marijuana sales is unrivaled by any other new market today. In an article last year, the president of a large tobacco company was interviewed about the company’s role in THC testing. The president of the company said that the future of tobacco was looking grim with the trend of the nation to quit smoking because of health risks but that the industry could be saved if they were the first ones to take hold of the cannabis industry in the USA. The man talked about how they were putting more money into the investigation of cannabis related production than they were in the current attempt to sell cigarettes. The executive also estimated that when cannabis becomes legal across the country it will mean profits of billions of dollars for the leading cannabis companies.

How to improve your business’s online marketing

Unless you are a marketing professional, marketing is best left to the professionals. If you areonline marketing Salt Lake a marketing professional, you are probably not reading this blog to find out how to better do your job. You are likely a small business owner who is looking for ways to improve your marketing abilities and expand your client base. Luckily, there are a lot of materials out there about how to improve your business’s marketing. In fact, there are probably too many, and here we have compiled a few of the best hints that we came across, all into one place.

1. Consider your audience. If you do not know who your audience is, stop and determine that right now before going any further down this list. Once you have decided who your audience is, and who else you want to reach, you can figure out the best strategies to get your information out to them.

2. Know the rest of your market. Understand who and what you are competing against, and what their costs are and the prices they quote their customers. There are many ways to do this, but basic online research will give you most of what you are looking for. Sending a friend or family into a competing store can help you glean other information not clearly posted online.

3. Make sure you are online. You and your business need to have active social media profiles and you need to have a web design for your site that encourages clients to visit it and stay. Sharing your website with friends and family on social media and encouraging them to do the same is also helpful.

4. However, it is not enough to just have an online presence. It needs to be active, constantly looking for new clients, and finding ways to improve and retain relationships with existing clients. Encouraging your clients to write positive reviews online and hiring an online marketing agency can help positive news about your business spread more quickly than if just you were doing the marketing yourself. Do not underestimate the importance of a positive, active presence online.

5. Help keep negative reviews at bay with great customer service. Much like a good review online can help your online marketing, a bad review that goes viral can be the nail in the coffin for a small business or a business that is already struggling. The best way to keep clients and encourage them to refer you is to keep up the good customer service. A discount for referrals helps as well, and particularly online referrals. If a new client quotes an existing client’s positive review as helping them to have selected your business, then be sure to acknowledge and reward that positive client.

6. Do not underestimate the internet. It can be your best friend or your worst enemy if something particularly good or bad starts to spread quickly. Friends and family can help by encouraging good news to spread and by counteracting bad news. Finding very active profiles on social media and advertising with them can help your name get out there more quickly as well.